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Products from Smithereen Farm

In events, farm update on September 1, 2016 at 3:12 pm
herbs4Smithereen Products On offer this year
  • Linden blossom tea
  • Hypericum ( st. johannis/ st. johns wort) tea
  • Nettle tea
  • Red Raspberry leaf tea
  • Wild strawberry leaf tea
  • Elder blossom tea
  • Madcap bags of seaweed soup mixture ( a combo of Ironbound and Holdfast harvests:
  • alaria+ multi- kelp )
  • Dried Maine Rose hips
  • Dried Maine clover flowers
Still in stock from last season:
  • cassis rose hip jam
  • quince jam
  • assortment of grange co-packer goods:
  • tomato sauce
  • pickles
  • etc
You can buy all these things from me in NYC in beginning of October at the Hester Street Market.
Or else buy from the Greenhorns merch stand at the Adirondack Harvest Festival in late September in Westport.

Smithereen Farm 2016 UPDATE

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Its been a hobo season so far, but with good range! Thanks to speaking gigs and conference travel.. I’ve been gathering some European herbal plants in their native plenty of time in the Maine woodlands to gather there.

The goal is to secure permanent land access for Smithereen Farm somewhere in downeast Maine in 2017.  To install an organic, multi-species perennial landscape with production focused on medicinal teas, tinctures, jams and jellies.

Meanwhile to help Greenhorns team get the “ Westport Farm” set up as headquarters for the Greenhorns library and office. This little red brick farmhouse sits on 17 acres right on Lake Champlain, and its a perfect place for the GH office team to work from.

Here are the basic strokes:

  1. Finish rewiring/ insulation/ painting of interior
  2. Install library shelves and cooperative kitchen/ pantry areas
  3. Clear out brush and bushes and install kitchen garden.
  4. Remove and restore back porch.
  5. Apply compost and manure to the 17 acres to improve pasture conditions.
  6. Fence the 17 acres to house winter-sheep -flocks that can graze the rest of the year at Crown Point State Park/ 17th Century Fort.
  7. Protect and expand the orchard started by Eliza Greenman.  “ Commons Stock orchard” of rare and unusual varieties that can serve as a “ mother orchard” for others in the area.
  • If you’re interested in helping Greenhorns achieve this goal, please be in touch with operations director Laura del Campo at

spring 2012 / up and running!

In farm update on May 23, 2012 at 5:49 pm

Smithereen Farm is back in action this season.

I am working for Monkshood Nursery in Stuyvesant NY while raising organic meat rabbits, geese, pigs and culinary herbs along with wildcrafted products, herbs and experiments. Other farmers are Anna Paulk, Dan Paluska, Sara Black, Hallie Chen.
Monkshood Nursery is a certified organic CSA and culinary herb nursery with 10 production hoop houses. Monkshood sells at Greenmarket, Rhinebeck Farmers market, Troy Farmers market and at plant sales for the potted herbs.  The farm is not open to the public but you can schedule a visit to pick up large wholesale orders.
dried packages of 
Mixer herbs ( chervil, thyme, parsley, marjoram)
lemon verbena tea
wildcrafted dulse
wild raspberry leaf tea
can be purchased at the greenhorns office  624 warren street Hudson NY.
We’ll also be selling monkshood nursery stock on the weekends especially.

back to the land

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After a season growing herbs at the farm of a client, smithereen farm is once again searching for land.

For Sale : fist sized cellophane-wrapped packets of dried herbs, organically grown in the Hudson Valley. actually within sight of the Hudson river itself on soil called ” Knickerbocker Loam”.

5 dollars retail, looking for a place to sell wholesale in NYC.
For information please email smithereen AT ME  DOT COM

smithereen goodness.

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smithereen farm’s fall bounties

In farm update on September 21, 2009 at 10:05 pm

+ here’s the latest from our fall crop list:

basil ( 2 kinds)
+tomatillos ( 2 kinds)
mullein leaf
cosmos, african marigold, zinnia, amaranth, wild flowers
borage flower
collard greens
yellow summer squash
french sorrel
ground cherries/husk cherries

we harvest for you!

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smithereen farm’s veggies + herbs + flowers are all about the hudson valley– come find our specialty smatterings at one (or all!) of these fabuloulocales:



we also arrange custom flower bouquets upon request, and soon to come, meat rabbits!





Tomatillos (purple de milpa and other vars) $4/lb

Yellow summer crookneck squash $1.75/l

***NEW*** ground cherries $6/lb


Herbs and Flowers >>> in full bloom!

LOTS basil – $2/bunch

Italian Chicory – $1.50/head

LOTS sweet marjoram $3/bunch-washed fresh bunches

LOTS thyme french/broadleaved – $3/bunch, washed

PLENTY flatleaved parsley $2/bunch- washed fresh bunches


***Sunflowers!*** – $1/stem

Cosmos – $3 for small bouquets

small flower bouquets $2 of mixed variety of flowers, changing weekly. Includes picotee cosmos, zinniaz, marigolds

medium flower bouquets $5

large flower bouquets $10

LOTS nasturtium leaves+ flowers– in papertowel .20 cents each

PLENTY amaranth flowers-$1 per stem-tall cut flower

PLENTY globe amaranth flowers – $3 a bouquet

limited quantity–more soon

***NEW***salad burnet$2/bunch

Tender purslane $3/lb washed

sorrel $2 per bunch

chives $3/bunch

lovage $4/bunch- washed fresh bunches

magenta lamb’s quarters$2.50 for small bundle, washed

Male zuchinni flowers– .40 each in papertowel (call for availability)

squash blossoms $1 each

borrage $1 for 12

raspberry leaves-for tea- $5/samwich bag



farm fresh eggs, big and brown – $4/dozen

live or dressed rabbit – $25  each

laying hens $16


meet us @ millerton!

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flushed from the morning’s foggy harvest, last saturday the interns of smithereen made their way to the millerton farmers market– arms full of boothby blonde cucumbers, wildflower bouquets, french heritage lettuces, bunches of herbs, crooked yellow summer squashes, and just-laid eggs.

but in case you missed it, you can find us each saturday with our strange and colourful wares at the millerton market– and you may even spot a baby bunny or two at our smithereen stand.

if you’ve yet to visit the millerton market, put it on your to-do list this saturday. it is a lovely little town, with a dozen or so other wonderful vendors offering sweet-smelling baked goods, organic flour, handmade jewelry, pasture-raised meat, veggies and flowers + there is a new local musical artist each week.

for more info/directions, see the millerton farmer’s market homepage. market hours from 9am – 1pm. rain or shine.

see you there!

dear hungry peoples of the hudson valley,

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the fruits of our hand-dug labor are ripe and ready for your dinner tables.

to all you restaurants, grocers, and mothers– come hither! read on for our current organic bounty.. don’t forget, we do flowers too!

Smithereen Price List  as of September 8, 2009 (*please note! We are young, new farmers. We get the majority of our retail prices from the Rodale Organic Price index. If you feel that they are higher than what you normally pay for local food grown with organic practices, please call or email to negotiate)

Smithereen Price List as of 8/24/09



Tomatillos (purple de milpa and other vars) $4/lb

Yellow summer crookneck squash $1.75/l

***NEW*** ground cherries $6/lb



Herbs and Flowers >>> in full bloom!

LOTS basil – $2/bunch

Italian Chicory – $1.50/head

LOTS sweet marjoram $3/bunch-washed fresh bunches

LOTS thyme french/broadleaved – $3/bunch, washed

PLENTY flatleaved parsley $2/bunch- washed fresh bunches

***Sunflowers!*** – $1/stem

Cosmos – $3 for small bouquets

small flower bouquets $2 of mixed variety of flowers, changing weekly. Includes picotee cosmos, zinniaz, marigolds

medium flower bouquets $5

large flower bouquets $10

LOTS nasturtium leaves+ flowers– in papertowel .20 cents each

PLENTY amaranth flowers-$1 per stem-tall cut flower

PLENTY globe amaranth flowers – $3 a bouquet


limited quantity–more soon

***NEW***salad burnet$2/bunch

Tender purslane $3/lb washed

sorrel $2 per bunch

chives $3/bunch

lovage $4/bunch- washed fresh bunches

magenta lamb’s quarters$2.50 for small bundle, washed

Male zuchinni flowers– .40 each in papertowel (call for availability)

squash blossoms $1 each

borrage $1 for 12

raspberry leaves-for tea- $5/samwich bag


farm fresh eggs, big and brown – $4/dozen

laying hens $16

live or dressed rabbit – $25  each


email order or call                                          make check out to: Severine von Tscharner Fleming                          

845 756 3124                                                       



growth spurts abound

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all around our little nook in the hudson valley, everything & everyone  is growing up with youthful ferocity–

the rain and sun gods have turned our once-seedlings into spritely green adolescents (and weeds! though thankfully no contest for our ninja hands and hula hoes),

the pigs have been upgraded to frolick in their spacious forest playground,

and the youngling kittens, rabbits, chicks, and ducks are getting faster, stronger,and braver each day.

like any wistful proud parents, we have been capturing our little farm as it grows– and if you haven’t already checked it out, see smithereen farm in action on our smithereen flickr page.

BUT WAIT– that’s not all– for more farm photos and to relive the greenhorn’s glorious goat-spit throwdown last weekend in brooklyn, check out the greenhorns’ own flickr HERE.