meet us @ millerton!

In farm update on July 28, 2009 at 1:16 am


flushed from the morning’s foggy harvest, last saturday the interns of smithereen made their way to the millerton farmers market– arms full of boothby blonde cucumbers, wildflower bouquets, french heritage lettuces, bunches of herbs, crooked yellow summer squashes, and just-laid eggs.

but in case you missed it, you can find us each saturday with our strange and colourful wares at the millerton market– and you may even spot a baby bunny or two at our smithereen stand.

if you’ve yet to visit the millerton market, put it on your to-do list this saturday. it is a lovely little town, with a dozen or so other wonderful vendors offering sweet-smelling baked goods, organic flour, handmade jewelry, pasture-raised meat, veggies and flowers + there is a new local musical artist each week.

for more info/directions, see the millerton farmer’s market homepage. market hours from 9am – 1pm. rain or shine.

see you there!


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