dear hungry peoples of the hudson valley,

In farm update on July 7, 2009 at 2:58 am


the fruits of our hand-dug labor are ripe and ready for your dinner tables.

to all you restaurants, grocers, and mothers– come hither! read on for our current organic bounty.. don’t forget, we do flowers too!

Smithereen Price List  as of September 8, 2009 (*please note! We are young, new farmers. We get the majority of our retail prices from the Rodale Organic Price index. If you feel that they are higher than what you normally pay for local food grown with organic practices, please call or email to negotiate)

Smithereen Price List as of 8/24/09



Tomatillos (purple de milpa and other vars) $4/lb

Yellow summer crookneck squash $1.75/l

***NEW*** ground cherries $6/lb



Herbs and Flowers >>> in full bloom!

LOTS basil – $2/bunch

Italian Chicory – $1.50/head

LOTS sweet marjoram $3/bunch-washed fresh bunches

LOTS thyme french/broadleaved – $3/bunch, washed

PLENTY flatleaved parsley $2/bunch- washed fresh bunches

***Sunflowers!*** – $1/stem

Cosmos – $3 for small bouquets

small flower bouquets $2 of mixed variety of flowers, changing weekly. Includes picotee cosmos, zinniaz, marigolds

medium flower bouquets $5

large flower bouquets $10

LOTS nasturtium leaves+ flowers– in papertowel .20 cents each

PLENTY amaranth flowers-$1 per stem-tall cut flower

PLENTY globe amaranth flowers – $3 a bouquet


limited quantity–more soon

***NEW***salad burnet$2/bunch

Tender purslane $3/lb washed

sorrel $2 per bunch

chives $3/bunch

lovage $4/bunch- washed fresh bunches

magenta lamb’s quarters$2.50 for small bundle, washed

Male zuchinni flowers– .40 each in papertowel (call for availability)

squash blossoms $1 each

borrage $1 for 12

raspberry leaves-for tea- $5/samwich bag


farm fresh eggs, big and brown – $4/dozen

laying hens $16

live or dressed rabbit – $25  each


email order or call                                          make check out to: Severine von Tscharner Fleming                          

845 756 3124                                                       




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