wishing and hoping

In opportunties on June 30, 2009 at 1:30 am


here at smithereen, we have a growing wish list that we could use your help with– compensation comes in the form of lavish meals (see our “eat like a farmer” page), kitten shoulder snuggles, swims in our lovely pond, and eggs. lots and lots of eggs. so if you find any of these items laying around the house, in the basement, or on the curb– you know just the farmers to send them to..

– mixing bowls

– squiggle/cultivating hoe

– cvs bins

– milking goat

– horses in need of a country ride

– office supplies

– cake pans

– crates

– diesel truck (!)

– power tools

– art supplies

– polaroid film

– mulch/hay bales

– freezer

– sofa

– hoses

– gas oven and toaster oven

– french press

– swivel chair

– bubbler for compost tea

interested lovelies give us a call at 845-756-3124, email at, or send goodies our way at 286 pleasantvale rd, tivoli NY.


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